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Rhyming Bingo Cards

Here are the details of Rhyming bingo.

What Rhyming Bingo Is About

Learning to rhyme is a helpful skill for students who are learning to read with phonics, This is because successful rhyming requires the ability to break-up words into component sounds, and match sounds in different words that rhyme with each other, This particular phonics game is designed to practise rhyming skills.

How to Play Rhyming Bingo

Playing Rhyming bingo in the classroom (or in the case of parents, with your kids at home) is very simple. Here are the instructions:
  1. Each student is given a bingo card or bingo worksheet containing a different random selection of words, and a marker pen (or set of counters).

    Here is an example of a typical Rhyming bingo card:

    Rhyming Bingo Card

  2. The teacher (or parent) chooses a word at random, and reads out one or more "clue words" which rhyme with the target word, for example, if the word was "cat", the parent or teacher might say "bat", "hat", or "mat"

    Depending on how advanced the students are, parents and teachers can choose rhyming words (for the bingo cards and the clues) of the appropriate level of difficulty. For example, beginning students might play rhyming bingo using only simpler words, mostly CVC words, but more advanced students might play the game using words involving other phonics concepts as well such as bossy Es, consonant digraphs, R-controlled vowels, or vowel digraphs, or even with words involving more than one phonic concept. For the most advanced students of all, you could even mix in some irregularly spelled rhyming words.

    Here is list of groups of rhyming words to get you started - you can of course come up with your own rhyming words if you prefer. If using the table below, normally you would want to include one word from any particular group on the bingo card, and use one or more other words in the group as the clue words (please note, some words or groups of rhymes may appear in more than one box).

    CVC Rhyming Word Groups
    CVC Rhymes:
    • bad
    • dad
    CVC Rhymes:
    • bag
    • rag
    • sag
    CVC Rhymes:
    • can
    • fan
    • man
    • pan
    Other Rhymes:
    • span
    CVC Rhymes:
    • bat
    • cat
    • fat
    • hat
    • mat
    Other Rhymes:
    • chat
    • splat
    CVC Rhymes:
    • bed
    • fed
    • red
    Other Rhymes:
    • head
    • sped
    CVC Rhymes:
    • hen
    • men
    • pen
    • ten
    CVC Rhymes:
    • jet
    • net
    • pet
    • set
    • vet
    • wet
    CVC Rhymes:
    • hid
    • kid
    • lid
    Other Rhymes:
    • grid
    CVC Rhymes:
    • big
    • dig
    • fig
    • pig
    • wig
    CVC Rhymes:
    • fin
    • pin
    • win
    Other Rhymes:
    • chin
    • grin
    • spin
    CVC Rhymes:
    • dip
    • hip
    • nip
    Other Rhymes:
    • chip
    • grip
    CVC Rhymes:
    • bit
    • fit
    • hit
    • lit
    • pit
    Other Rhymes:
    • grit
    • split
    CVC Rhymes:
    • cob
    • job
    • mob
    CVC Rhymes:
    • bog
    • cog
    • dog
    • fog
    • frog
    • log
    CVC Rhymes:
    • hop
    • mop
    • top
    Other Rhymes:
    • chop
    CVC Rhymes:
    • cot
    • dot
    • pot
    Other Rhymes:
    • spot
    CVC Rhymes:
    • box
    • fox
    CVC Rhymes:
    • bug
    • dug
    • rug
    • tug
    Other Rhymes:
    • smug
    • snug
    CVC Rhymes:
    • fun
    • run
    • sun
    Other Rhymes:
    • spun
    CVC Rhymes:
    • cub
    • rub
    • tub
    CVC Rhymes:
    • cup
    • pup
    CVC Rhymes:
    • but
    • hut
    • nut

    Bossy E Rhyming Word Groups
    Bossy E Rhymes:
    • face
    • mace
    • pace
    • space
    Bossy E Rhymes:
    • fade
    • made
    • spade
    Other Rhymes:
    • maid
    Bossy E Rhymes:
    • bake
    • cake
    • fake
    • lake
    • make
    • shake
    • take
    • wake
    Bossy E Rhymes:
    • cage
    • page
    • rage
    Bossy E Rhymes:
    • blame
    • came
    • fame
    • game
    • name
    • same
    • tame
    Bossy E Rhymes:
    • cape
    • grape
    • tape
    Bossy E Rhymes:
    • gate
    • late
    Other Rhymes:
    • great
    • wait
    • weight
    Bossy E Rhymes:
    • cave
    • save
    Bossy E Rhymes:
    • mice
    • nice
    • rice
    • spice
    • twice
    Bossy E Rhymes:
    • side
    • wide
    Bossy E Rhymes:
    • bike
    • like
    • spike
    Bossy E Rhymes:
    • file
    • mile
    • pile
    • while
    Other Rhymes:
    • dial
    Bossy E Rhymes:
    • lime
    • time
    Other Rhymes:
    • rhyme
    Bossy E Rhymes:
    • dine
    • fine
    • line
    • mine
    • nine
    • pine
    • vine
    Bossy E Rhymes:
    • fire
    • wire
    Bossy E Rhymes:
    • kite
    • spite
    Other Rhymes:
    • bright
    • fight
    • light
    • tight
    Bossy E Rhymes:
    • dive
    • five
    • hive
    • live
    Bossy E Rhymes:
    • code
    • rode
    Other Rhymes:
    • load
    • road
    • toad
    Bossy E Rhymes:
    • hole
    • mole
    • pole
    Other Rhymes:
    • coal
    • goal
    • soul
    Bossy E Rhymes:
    • bone
    • cone
    • phone
    Other Rhymes:
    • moan
    Bossy E Rhymes:
    • hope
    • rope
    Other Rhymes:
    • soap
    Bossy E Rhymes:
    • joke
    • poke
    • spoke
    Other Rhymes:
    • folk
    Bossy E Rhymes:
    • hose
    • nose
    • rose
    Bossy E Rhymes:
    • note
    • vote
    Other Rhymes:
    • boat
    • coat
    • goat
    • throat
    Bossy E Rhymes:
    • fuse
    • use
    Other Rhymes:
    • lose
    • mews
    Bossy E Rhymes:
    • cube
    • tube
    Bossy E Rhymes:
    • cute
    • mute
    Other Rhymes:
    • boot
    • fruit
    • shoot

    Consonant Digraph Rhyming Word Groups
    Consonant Digraph Rhymes:
    • chick
    • sick
    • thick
    • trick
    Consonant Digraph Rhymes:
    • duck
    • luck
    • truck
    Consonant Digraph Rhymes:
    • ball
    • hall
    • small
    • tall
    • wall
    Consonant Digraph Rhymes:
    • bell
    • shell
    • smell
    • spell
    • tell
    • well
    Consonant Digraph Rhymes:
    • bill
    • fill
    • hill
    • will
    Consonant Digraph Rhymes:
    • king
    • ring
    • sing
    • spring
    • thing
    Consonant Digraph Rhymes:
    • dish
    • wish
    Consonant Digraph Rhymes:
    • bath
    • path

    R-Controlled Vowel Rhyming Word Groups
    R-Controlled Rhymes:
    • car
    • far
    • jar
    • tar
    R-Controlled Rhymes:
    • bark
    • dark
    • mark
    • park
    R-Controlled Rhymes:
    • card
    • hard
    R-Controlled Rhymes:
    • arm
    • charm
    • farm
    R-Controlled Rhymes:
    • barn
    • yarn
    R-Controlled Rhymes:
    • art
    • cart
    • dart
    • smart
    Other Rhymes:
    • heart
    R-Controlled Rhymes:
    • girl
    • hurl
    • whirl
    R-Controlled Rhymes:
    • dirt
    • hurt
    • skirt
    R-Controlled Rhymes:
    • fork
    • pork
    R-Controlled Rhymes:
    • born
    • corn
    • horn
    R-Controlled Rhymes:
    • bird
    • herd
    • word
    R-Controlled Rhymes:
    • fort
    • port
    R-Controlled Rhymes:
    • blur
    • fur
    • her
    R-Controlled Rhymes:
    • surf
    • turf
    R-Controlled Rhymes:
    • burn
    • fern
    • turn

    Vowel Digraph Rhyming Word Groups
    Vowel Digraph Rhymes:
    • fail
    • jail
    • mail
    • nail
    • sail
    • snail
    • tail
    Other Rhymes:
    • pale
    • whale
    Vowel Digraph Rhymes:
    • gain
    • main
    • pain
    Vowel Digraph Rhymes:
    • bee
    • flea
    • tea
    Vowel Digraph Rhymes:
    • read
    • seed
    • speed
    • weed
    Vowel Digraph Rhymes:
    • beam
    • gleam
    • team
    Vowel Digraph Rhymes:
    • bean
    • been
    • lean
    • seen
    Other Rhymes:
    • scene
    Vowel Digraph Rhymes:
    • beat
    • cheat
    • feet
    • heat
    • meat
    • meet
    Vowel Digraph Rhymes:
    • beef
    • chief
    • leaf
    • reef
    Vowel Digraph Rhymes:
    • load
    • road
    • toad
    Other Rhymes:
    • code
    • rode
    Vowel Digraph Rhymes:
    • loaf
    • oaf
    Vowel Digraph Rhymes:
    • coal
    • goal
    • soul
    Other Rhymes:
    • hole
    • mole
    • pole
    Vowel Digraph Rhymes:
    • boat
    • coat
    • goat
    Other Rhymes:
    • note
    • throat
    • vote
    Vowel Digraph Rhymes:
    • moon
    • noon
    • soon
    Other Rhymes:
    • tune
    Vowel Digraph Rhymes:
    • boo
    • too
    • zoo
    Vowel Digraph Rhymes:
    • boot
    • shoot
    Other Rhymes:
    • cute
    • fruit
    • mute
    Vowel Digraph Rhymes:
    • blue
    • true
    Other Rhymes:
    • chew
    • few

  3. The students then look for any word that rhymes with the clue, on their bingo card or worksheet. If they find it, they cross off that square (or cover it with a counter). Students start off with one square they can mark off without waiting for it to be called out - the "Free Space" square in the middle of the bingo card.

  4. The winner is the first student to achieve a winning pattern and call out "Bingo!" (the teacher or parent should check their card at this point).

    It is of course essential that the teacher (or parent) should explain what is required for a winning pattern before play starts:

    • If you want to play a short game: The winning pattern could be any straight line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) of five marked off squares.

    • If you want to play medium-length game: The winning pattern could be any two intersecting straight lines of five marked off squares.

    • If you want to play a long game: The winning pattern could be to mark off every square on the bingo card. Please note however, if lots of your students are prone to miss matches, you might never get a winner this way!

    • If you have lots of students, and want to have multiple winners: You could have multiple winner patterns - the first winner is the first student to mark off all four corner squares, the second winner is the first student to get a straight line of five marked off squares, the third winner is the first student to get two intersecting lines of five, and the fourth winner is the student who is first to mark off all the squares on their bingo card.

Free Printable Rhyming Bingo Cards

Here are some free printables for playing Rhyming bingo. They include a call sheet (for the teacher or parent to use for bingo calls), and a set of 8 bingo cards to give to the students.

To print, please click the Print button in the preview window:

Your browser does not support embedded PDF files.

Suggestions for Variations of Rhyming Bingo

Here are some suggestions for variations on Rhyming bingo:
  1. Try varying the winning pattern.

  2. Try using different words. TODO

How to Create Your Own Rhyming Bingo Materials

The Rhyming bingo printables on this web site were produced using the registered version of the Bingo Card Printer software. You could easily make your own bingo games using the same method.

Here is how to create your own Rhyming bingo cards:
  1. Start the Bingo Card Printer.

  2. Click New... on the File menu.

  3. Choose Blank as the type of new template, then click OK.

  4. Enter each of the words into Bingo Card Printer software:

    • To add an item: Type the new item into the field entitled Type your new item here.

    • To remove an item: Select the item (by clicking with the mouse) in the list of items, and then select Delete Item on the Edit menu.

    • To add multiple items quickly: Click Add Multiple Items... on the Edit menu of Bingo Card Printer, and type the items one per line.

    • To copy a list of items from another program (for example, a word processor document): Select and then Copy the items in the word processor or other program (they must be listed one item per line), switch to Bingo Card Printer, and click Add Multiple Items... on the Edit menu, and then paste them into dialog box by right clicking in the text entry area and selecting Paste on the pop-up menu.

  5. Optionally: If you want to, you can change the colors and/or fonts for the bingo cards using the Colors... or Fonts... options on the Format menu.

  6. Optionally: If you want to, you can change the printing options (such as the number of bingo cards to print, or the number of bingo cards per printed page) on the main screen of Bingo Card Printer

  7. Click Print... on the File menu. Change any of printer options if you want to, then click OK to begin printing.

Note: If you wish to download the settings that were used to prepare the printables on this page (in order to use them as a starting point for your own work) you can do so:
  1. Note: To make use of these materials you will need the registered version of the Bingo Card Printer. The materials were prepared using version 3.20 of Bingo Card Printer, so if you have an older version of the software on your computer, please upgrade to the latest version of the software first.

  2. You can download the settings file bingo_rhyming.bcp by clicking here. Save the file to a folder of your choice on computer.

  3. Start Bingo Card Printer.

  4. Click Open... on the File menu, then select the file that you saved in step 2, and click OK.

  5. The template will now open, and you can use it, modify it, etc., as you wish.

  6. Note: Expert users who wish to download all the settings files (for all the bingo projects on this site), and all the PDF files (containing our free printables), as one combined ZIP file (which you will then need unpack to extract the individual files), can do so by downloading bingo_templates.zip by clicking here.
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